Pastor Willie returns home to Cairnbulg church

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PASTOR Willie Watt will enjoy a special homecoming this weekend when he returns to the pulpit at Cairnbulg AOG Church.

Pastor Watt, who currently pastors alongside Pastor Neil Cameron at Apex Church in Peterhead, will take the post of full-time pastor at Cairnbulg, a post he last held some 17 years ago.

And he told the Herald this week that he was “delighted and excited” at the prospect of returning to his home church.

“I’m starting on Sunday, September 9, and it’s back to my home village,” he said.

“I will continue to be part of Apex Church two days a week, with the rest of the time spent at Cairnbulg.

“We have three churches working together in the area - Fraserburgh AOG, Cairnbulg and Apex - and when the previous pastor, David Haggath, retired from Cairnbulg, it made sense for me to take over.

“I come from Cairnbulg and have family there and I’m really looking forward to coming home,” he said.

Pastor Watt pastored the church for around 18 months on a temporary basis some 17 years ago, having previously pastored churches in England prior to taking up the job at Peterhead’s Harvest Church.

When the Harvest Church and Newhope Church merged to form Apex Church, he took on a joint pastoral role with Newhope pastor Neil Cameron.

He added: “Cairnbulg has quite a small congregation, but I’m hoping that it will grow in time.

“With the help of Fraserburgh AOG we are going to start youth and kids work after the October school holidays, while services on Sunday mornings will start at the later time of 11am instead of the current 10.15am time.

“We are also hoping to add evening services at a later date.

“It’s like full circle for me having been there, then England, then Peterhead and now back again, but it’s a great feeling to be home again.”