Pavements turn perilous as persistent chill hits Broch

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Fraserburgh residents urged one another last week to get in touch with Aberdeenshire Council over a build up of ice on the Broch’s pavements.

On the Facebook group ‘Fraserburgh - Brochers and proud of it’, locals have been asked to use the Council’s ‘Your Say’ feature to voice their complaints.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council told the Fraserburgh Herald that, in the first instance, efforts were concentrated on priority routes, such as the ‘A’ roads.

With a number of grit boxes available for public use in Aberdeenshire, they added that the public were encouraged to use the contact centre to make the Council aware of any problems.

The spokesperson added: “Since Sunday we have had 2 footway gritters and 3 pick-up trucks with 6 men manually gritting the footways in Fraserburgh every morning. We have also been treating the streets with 2 road gritters daily.

“The prevailing low temperatures this week have meant that the salt applied has been very slow in acting to melt the ice and snow, this is a particular problem where there are low traffic

“As conditions have now eased elsewhere in our area we have 4 footway gritters, 12 men manually treating footways, 2 small road gritters and 3 road gritters treating Fraserburgh and the surrounding villages today (Thursday,
January 17). We are using a salt/sand mix to provide some grip to the surfaces.”

Fore more information on Aberdeenshire Council’s winter maintenance work, visit, where you will also find information on which roads are gritted.

Information on how to contact Aberdeenshire Council can also be found on their website.