Adopted sisters and mother to be reunited at Broch birthday bash

Heather Ede and Annette Youngson
Heather Ede and Annette Youngson

Two sisters who were adopted as children and their birth mother will be reunited together for the first time in Fraserburgh next week.

Annette Youngson, who lives in the Broch, will meet up with her sister Heather Ede and her birth mother Monica Smith on September 9.

The reunion will mark the first time all three will have been together since the 1960’s - and it will also mark Annette’s 51st birthday.

Annette said: “About three years ago I found my birth mother and my brother.

“I didn’t realise I had a sister until I met my auntie, my birth mum’s sister, and she told me I had a sister.”

After the revelation that she also had a younger sister Annette went about trying to find her as well - with surprisingly quick results.

She said: “I posted an ad on Facebook and within three days I found her.

“That was back in June.”

After finding her sibling Annette booked a trip to Yorkshire to visit Heather and the pair met up.

Now Heather, along with their mother Monica, are travelling north to Fraserburgh for Annette’s 51st birthday.

Annette said: “It’s my birthday and she was trying to keep it a surprise for me but it didn’t happen.

“Then she tried to keep it a surprise that our mother was coming up but that didn’t happen either.

“I’ve just got to look shocked.”

Annette hopes that her story will help other see how easy it can be to reconnect with lost family members.

She said: “If you’re adopted there’s a time in your life where you get curious and you want to know where you come from.

“It’s great to meet up - especially if it is a happy ending. Obviously I was lucky that everyone wanted to meet.”

She added: “I just want to give some inspiration to others because it is getting that people are so easy to find.”

Annette explained how she posted on her Facebook page and got her friends and family to share and within two days someone in Durham had tagged Heather in the post.