Bikers donate to school breakfast

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Pupils at Fraserburgh North School were visited by three bikers on Tuesday who were there to hand over a donation to the school’s breakfast club.

Gordon Cruden, Jim and Peter from the North East Scotland Custom Bike Scene delivered the gift on their motorbikes to aid the Big Breakfast Club.

The breakfast Club began in January this year and was the brainchild of teacher Miss Lynne Gardiner following a conversation with a class about breakfast.

A resulting school survey showed that a large percentage of children were not taking time to have breakfast before coming to school.

Wendy Simpson, Acting Head Teacher of Fraserburgh North School, has been very pleased with the success of the breakfast club so far.

She said: “As well as having breakfast, the children have the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion, just as they would at home with their family.

“This is a valuable time for children learning English or for children who need to share their news first thing and is a lovely relaxed way to start the school day.

She added: “The feedback from the children has been very positive and I am delighted with the support we have received and continue to receive from the local community.”

The school’s club has been supported by theFraserburgh Community Church, Webster’s Bakery and the local Tesco branch, as well as a team of volunteers who come in and help make breakfast for the whole school.

The school are always happy to welcome new volunteers to the rota.