Bob’s got himself some new buddies

One of three baby owls which have been added to the team at Bobs Buddies.
One of three baby owls which have been added to the team at Bobs Buddies.

Bobs Buddies, a new family business based in Lonmay, has recently acquired three baby owls to add to their team for their therapeutic and educational work.

Following a presentation to the Princes Trust Bobs Buddies was awarded the maximum £1,000 grant and bought the birds of prey from the Scottish Owl Centre.

Bobs Buddies use their hand-reared therapy owls to help and educate children and adults including the elderly, and those with additional support needs and mental health issues.

Owner and founder William Lawson, said: “Being Autistic, Bipolar and having ADHD myself, l know what it can be like to struggle, especially with social situations.

“With my owls, l have been able to overcome many obstacles and knowing that this helps for me, I want to share my experiences, help others with their issues and to let people know that they are not alone.”

Co-manager, Louise said: “We just want to be able to help, where and whenever possible, be it a care home, school, birthday or a therapy session. If we make someone smile it’s job done!”

The three new owls are going through training to prepare for their role, and will more than double the capacity of the organisation so they can help more people.

Bobs Buddies appreciates the help from Business Gateway, JCP, the Princes Trust, Aberdeenshire Council and the many others that have been supportive over the last few months of starting up the caring family business.