Boy to stilt walk through Broch to bring Modo back

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A young Fraserburgh boy will go on a stilt walk around the Broch this month to try and raise funds to bring Theatre Modo back to the town.

Adam Rattray will walk on stilts around the Broch on May 27 to try and raise money for the organisation which had to stop it’s Fraserburgh and Mintlaw sessions due to a lack of funding.

Fiona Rattray, Adam’s mum, said: “Because of funding they couldn’t keep the clubs going in Fraserburgh and Mintlaw.

“Adam wants to raise funds to get the club going again in Fraserburgh.”

Fiona said that Modo “had done wonders for Adam” and that her son “loved” the club.

Martin Danzinger , Creative Director at Theatre Modo, is extremely supportive of Adam’s fundraising and hopes that more people can do the same to re-establish the group in the Broch.

He said: “Adam’s really missed it so he’s decided to do this to get funding to try and bring us back.

“It’s wonderful that people so appreciate us being there bring us back - we would love to go back.”

Mr Danziger said the group, who still operate in Peterhead, would support anyone who tried to raise the funds to bring Theatre Modo back to Fraserburgh and Mintlaw.

Adam will start his stilt walk from Iceland on May 27, possibly joined by other Modo stilt walkers, at approximately 5 pm and will walk 3 miles to Tesco and back to Iceland.