Brave Jack receives national award for coming to the aid of badly injured dad

A New Aberdour youngster will be given a national award for courage by the Boys’ Brigade after coming to the aid of his dad following a horror accident.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 7:30 am
Jack Irvine will receive the President’s Commendation for his bravery.

Brave Jack Irvine (8) acted calmly and quickly after his dad Callum ripped the skin from his hands as he fell about 15ft from a ladder while fixing his workshop roof.

Jack’s swift response in summoning help has been recognised by 1st Rosehearty Boys’ Brigade Company and he has been awarded the President’s Commendation for his brave conduct.

Callum is rightly proud of his son, and has now recovered from his injuries, thanks in no small part to the speed in which he was treated.

Jack Irvine with his dad Callum, who delighted his son’s swift actions have been recognised by the Boys’ Brigade.

Callum said: “Obviously I’d be proud regardless, but Jack has always been a quiet and reserved, so how he reacted made it more rewarding.”

After finding out about Jack's actions, his Boys’ Brigade company was also full of praise.

Captain Michael Strachan said: “All at the 1st Rosehearty are extremely proud of Jack. In their recommendation to the Brigade Secretary, the officers mentioned how Jack is usually such quiet boy which makes his actions all the more remarkable.

"We believe this is the first such award in our Company history and the first in the Buchan Battalion for many years.”

Callum’s accident happened while he was fixing his workshop roof. He was just finishing up when the ladder gave way.

As he tried to save himself, his fingers stuck on the metal door track and he ended up pulling his fingers out of their skin.

He fell on to the concrete but managed to make it into the kitchen. Jack came through to find his dad semi-conscious and covered in blood.

Jack got ‘Alexa’ to phone his granda – Callum’s dad – who also lives in the village, and then gave his dad a towel before running up the lane to get help.

His granda got Callum to hospita, where doctors told him that if he hadn’t got help so quickly, it could have been a lot worse.

Callum spent four days in hospital and six hours in surgery. He suffered damaged and severed tendons, and severed the tips of some of his fingers. Fortunately, he’s now fine and back working as a joiner.

Callum said: “It was the hospital that brought to our attention how important Jack’s actions had been. I wouldn’t have recovered the way I have if it hadn’t been for his quick thinking.

"If I’d lost too much blood, I could have gone fully unconscious; so if he hadn’t been there, if he hadn’t got my dad in time, it would have been a lot worse.

"Jack didn’t realise what he’d done, and how much of an impact it had on my recovery. Once the Boys’ Brigade got in touch, then he realised he’d done something really good.”

Officers at 1st Rosehearty Boys’ Brigade had no hestitation in nominating Jack for the award after they heard about how he dealt with his dad’s accident.

The national award was confirmed by letter by Alison Chambers, Brigade Vice-President, who personally wrote to Jack to inform him of the accolade. Jack will be presented with his official President’s Commendation award certificate at a later date when it is hoped Alison will be able to visit Rosehearty.