Broch 21st birthday bash raises money for charity

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Two young men from Fraserburgh have thrown a joint 21st birthday party to raise money for three different charities close to their hearts.

Craig Barbour and Ryan McKenzie raised £1500 for the Neonatal Unit in Aberdeen, the Buchan Renal Unit in Peterhead and Cancer Research Scotland.

The two Brochers asked friends and family to donate money to charity rather than giving them gifts.

Ryan said: “Rather than people spending their money on stuff we thought that it was better giving it to charity.”

The two friends got the idea after Ryan had done a similar thing for his 18th birthday.

For that birthday Ryan raised money for the Neonatal Unit in Aberdeen as he was born prematurely and the unit also looked after his brother.

The pair decided to raise money for the Buchan Renal after their friend Vickie Buchan had a kidney transplant.

Vickie still attends the unit several times a week for kidney dialysis.

The young men raised the money by having a wrapped shoebox with the word ‘Donations Welcome’ at their joint birthday celebration at the Leisure Centre in Fraserburgh.

The two friends. who both attend Aberdeen University and share a flat in the city, agreed that each charity would receive an equal £500 share of the £1500 raised.

Craig chose Cancer Research Scotland to get £500 of the donations.

He said: “I’ve had two family members pass away from cancer.”

The two friends thanked everyone that helped them raise the money.

The pair said: “Thanks to everyone who donated.

“We weren’t expecting to raise that much but everyone seemed to be very keen.”