Broch Mosaic Project inspired by nomination

James Reid, left, and Kail Orskov, left, at the mosiac in the town centre
James Reid, left, and Kail Orskov, left, at the mosiac in the town centre

Fraserburgh Mosaic Project is one of the nominees for the Inspiring Aberdeenshire awards for making the Broch more presentable.

Kail Orskov and James Reid worked with Port Knocky Geoff Roberts to design and install artwork in Fraserburgh town centre.

The walkway at Saltoun Square, next to Nickle N’ Dime, was derelict and was an eyesore, but with their help is now presentable and has subtle, yet effective artwork on display.

The Inspiring Aberdeenshire awards has been set up Aberdeenshire Council to ‘recognise and celebrate the achievements’ of residents and staff working across the area to support communities.

32 finalists from over 160 nominations, and the Fraserburgh Mosaic Project was nominated for the Best of Banff & Buchan category.

The pair both agree that it was a worthwhile addition to the Broch’s town centre, with Kail saying there are “some really nice parts to Fraserburgh, but some it can be spruced up a bit”.

He added: “The designs were an abstract interpretation of what Fraserburgh means to us.”

He explained that although it is not overtly obvious, you can see renditions of Broch related things such as fishing boats within installation.

The awards ceremony, where the winners will be announced, will take place at Haddo House on Friday, June 17.