Charity runner reaches Aberdeenshire

Wayne Russell
Wayne Russell

A man who embarked on a mission to raise money for charity by running around the coast of the UK after his sister died has arrived in Aberdeenshire.

Wayne Russell will today run from Fraserburgh to Peterhead before moving on to Ellon on Monday, May 1, and then Stonehaven on Wednesday, May 3.

Wayne started the run in September 2015, after his sister died from a rare heart disease two years ago.

He said: “Ten years ago she was given two years to live and she started doing a lot of work for charities and I didn’t really do anything.”

After his sister’s death Wayne decided that he would also raise money for charity and decided to run he coastline of the UK for The Superhero Foundation which helps sick children.

Wayne said: “The reason I chose this charity is that it’s one close to my sister’s heart but also I was promised that all the money goes directly to the sick children and their families.”

Having started in London in September Wayne is nearly 4,000 miles into his journey and he says the best part of his trip so far has been along the coast of Scotland.

He said: “I have never seen beauty like it.”

Since arriving in Scotland Wayne’s journey has also been aided by Scottish Fire and Rescue who are allowing him to sleep in their stations when he arrives in towns throughout the country.

He said: “Normally I just kept going as far as I can go but now with Scottish Fire I just try to keep going until the next fire station, usually about 20 miles a day, so basically a marathon every day.”

He added: “Before I was on my own carrying my rucksack and my tent and sleeping rough.”

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