Concerns raised over lollipop man’s safety

Cllr Brian Topping at the crossing
Cllr Brian Topping at the crossing

Fraserburgh and District Ward Councillor Brian Topping as recently been campaigning for the safety of both school children and crossing patrols at a busy Broch junction.

Speaking to the Herald, Councillor Topping said the crossing at Caroline Place, near The Old Parish Church, was a particularly dangerous part of the towns roads.

“I was made aware of the situation and first and foremost my main concern was for the safety of both the children and the crossing patroller.

“What sticks out for me is that there are no flashing lights alerting drivers they are approaching a crossing, which you would normally see near school grounds.

“It is a busy road and with cars coming out of the junction it can be particularly dangerous and can make crossing the street a real problem.”

Councillor Topping raised his concerns with both Aberdeenshire Council and the police.

“I spoke with the police and there has been a request put into the roads department to have the flashing crossing lights installed to alert drivers about the patrol.

“Hopefully this will make drivers aware as there have been a number of incidents where the patroller was concerned about erratic driving.

“I would like to say thank you to Police Scotland who contacted the school and asked the Head Teacher to send out letters to the parents reminding them to drive safely on the stretch of road and take extra care.

“Of course this is just parents and there will still be a number of other drivers who need to be made aware but it is a good start.

“The police have also put special patrols at the crossing, as well as the one at Dennyduff Road, to monitor the situation.”

Councillor Topping finished by adding: “The safety of the crossing patroller and of the children is of paramount importance here and drivers need to be made aware they are putting lives at risk.”