Fraserburgh man Will climbs Scotland’s seven highest mountains in seven days

A Fraserburgh man has raised over £3000 for Alzheimer Scotland by climbing the height of Mount Everest.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 7:00 am
Will at the summit of Cairn Toul on day four of his challenge. Reaching the peak meant that so far he'd climbed higher than the height of Mon Blanc.

Will Ramsay’s Mount Everest Challenge involved climbing the seven highest mountains in Scotland, finishing on the highest, Ben Nevis.

In total, the Fraserburgh FC youth coach climbed 29,455 feet, a little bit more than the 29,032 feet height of the world’s highest mountain. And in the process, he managed to raise £2660 – almost double his initial target – and with gith gift aid added on, the charity is receiving £3071.25.

Will took on the challenge in memory of his Grandad Bill who suffered from dementia in the latter stages of his life before sadly passing away in 2017, and he kept a diary of his climbs on Facebook. Here’s a summary of his challenge, which was completed in the space of one week.

It's day three and Will is at the summit of Sgor An Lochain Uaine (The Angels Peak). This was one of the longest days of the challenge.

Day 1: Aonach Beag (1234m/4048ft); Time – 7 hours; total elevation gain – 1282m

It’s a 6am start, with heavy rain forecast later on in the day. Unusually there wasn’t much of a path for this Munro with it being a case of pick a starting point and just climbing. At about 800m the mist came in and the GPS was needed to navigate us over the ridges to the top. No views at the top, but it was very calm.

Day 2: Cairn Gorm (1245m/4084ft); Time – 6 hours; Elevation – 1126m

Another early start saw us start just up from Loch Morlich. We climbed up to the Cairngorm Visitor Centre before heading south-west up to the Northern Corries. Some lovely views behind us of Loch Morlich and Aviemore. As we passed 3000ft the wind picked up and it became misty. The gloves were on for the last ascent up to the top.

Will Ramsay completed his Mount Everest Challenge of climbing Scotland's seven highest mountains in seven days at the top of Ben Nevis. His efforts meant he raised over £3000 for the charity Alzheimer Scotland.

Day 3: Sgor An Lochain Uaine (The Angels Peak) 1258m/4127ft; Time – 10 hours 30 minutes; Elevation – 1462m

Today started with a five-mile walk along the start of the Lairig Ghru before a steep ascent to the top of Braeriach where we had some amazing views of the Lairig Ghru and today’s peak. The sun even came out as we walked around the rim of the canyon to get to the top of today’s mountain.

Day 4: Cairn Toul (1291m/4235ft); Time – 12 hours 20 minutes; Elevation – 1562m

Today we passed the height of Mont Blanc (4809m), the highest mountain in Europe. Another long one, with over 110,000 steps being done in the last two days. We started where we left off yesterday with a walk up Glen Einich which took us to about 1000m. We then had a tricky walk over a few boulder fields before reaching the top where we again got some amazing views. Over half way to Everest!

Day 5: Braeriach (1296m/4251ft); Time taken – 7 hours 40 minutes; Elevation – 1290m

We have now climbed over the height of Mount Kilimanjaro (5896m), the highest mountain in Africa. Wet and windy one today, but not as long as the previous two days. As we started the sun was out and the sunglasses were on for the first time in the week. This turned out to be wishful thinking as when we headed up the Lairig Ghru again we saw the dark clouds ahead of us. The hills either side of the Lairig Ghru made it like a wind tunnel with the wind and rain driving into our face. As we gained altitude, the visibility became poorer and poorer, but thankfully there was a good path to get us all the way to the top.

Day 6: Ben Macdui (1309m/4294ft); Time taken – 6 hours; Elevation – 1043m

Final climb in the Cairngorms this week started off near Loch Morlich again. We headed up to the Cairngorm Visitor Centre and then climbed south-west towards Ben Macdui. Strong wind in our faces as we ascended, but wasn’t the steepest of climbs. I had the worst cramp near the top but managed to loosen it off and head down with the wind at our backs.

Day 7: Ben Nevis (1345m/4412ft); Time taken – 5 hours; Elevation – 1407m

Pleased to say I’ve successfully climbed the seven highest mountains in Scotland in seven days from bottom to top. Which means I have climbed over the height of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world! Got the luck with the weather today with it being dry most of the way up. Heavy showers on the way down but the job had already been done. Ben Nevis is the highest in the UK but it was one of the more straightforward ones this week with a path the whole way. Big shoutout to Chris who joined me on the adventure and had to put up with my singing all week.

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has donated to or shared my justgiving page. I appreciate it so much! Now for a lie down and a celebration drink later on!