Fraserburgh man’s portrait found

A Fraserburgh man has told a remarkable story of how his portrait was discovered.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 27th February 2013, 2:23 pm

James Wiseman, who is 91 and lives on North Street, spoke to the Fraserburgh Herald about how the portrait was found by a family friend at a house miles away in Edinburgh.

Remarkably, when James’ son-in-law’s brother’s friend, Alistair Ritchie, went down to Edinburgh he discovered the portrait of James at a house Alistair and his wife, Elma, were visiting. The couple were clearing out the house of the artist who painted the picture, Alex Penman, who died last year and who happened to be Elma’s cousin.

The portrait was painted, from a photograph, by Alex Penman in 1986 and ended up in Edinburgh, where Penman lived.

The painting was returned to James last year and now hangs on a wall in his Fraserburgh home.

James was in the Navy during the Second World War and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for serving in minesweepers.

After returning from the Navy he went to sea with his father and two younger brothers. He later owned his own fishing boat, the Silver Fern. After he retired, James worked at the Watch Hut in Fraserburgh. James met his wife, Lillian, in Edinburgh and they had two children.

Commenting on his portrait, James said: “I was really pleased to see the painting. I was really glad that Alistair and Elma went to the bother of taking it back up here.”