Fraserburgh Rotarians repaint model lighthouses to help improve town's image

Rotarians in Fraserburgh have joined forces again with the local community council to help improve the image of the town for both residents and visitors.

By Kevin McRoberts
Monday, 9th August 2021, 10:38 am
Members of the Rotary Club repainted the model lighthouses at Fraserburgh’s entrance points.
Members of the Rotary Club repainted the model lighthouses at Fraserburgh’s entrance points.

Members of the Rotary Club took advantage of the recent spell of good weather to repaint the two landmark model lighthouses which are situated at entrance points to the town.

The motto of Rotary is ‘service above self’ and members of the Club felt this project was a good example of the kind of work which they undertake within the local community.

Bob Watt, Secretary of the Fraserburgh Rotary Club welcomed the initiative.

The newly repainted lighthouses look much more attractive.

He said: “In recent months we have seen an increase in our member numbers and this has helped us to deliver this and other projects within the town and surrounding area.

"Rotary represents an outstanding way for people to connect with each other and with the local community.

"There is both fellowship and the chance to put something back in for the benefit of everyone and we are always keen to receive new applications for membership.”

Fraserburgh Community Council has also been very active in the town through, for example, the promotion of initiatives such as Shop Fraserburgh, the Flower Fairies, who develop and maintain a number of horticultural sites across the town, and the recent establishment of a Food Larder for people who are struggling to meet the cost of weekly food shopping.

Seamus Logan, vice chair of the community council, said: “ There is a history of strong partnerships between Rotarians and the community council as demonstrated by this project, and both groups wish to build on this for the future.

"They have much in common in terms of offering voluntary effort aimed at improving life for everyone who lives here or who comes to visit.”

• Pictured above at the Watermill Road model lighthouse are Councillor Charles Buchan, who is lobbying to have night-time power restored to the model lighthouses; Bill Maitland, the former Rotary Club president; Lorna Davidson, who is one of the town’s Flower Fairies; Bob Watt, secretary of Fraserburgh Rotary Club; and Seamus Logan, a Rotarian and vice chair of Fraserburgh Community Council.