Fraserburgh woman appeals for help to bring pet dog home from Cyprus

Jinx the dog
Jinx the dog

A Fraserburgh woman is trying to raise enough money to keep her and her son's pet dog safe in Cyprus until they can fly it home to Scotland following the break-up of her marriage.

Lee Ann Preece has set up a gofundme account to bring her pet dog Jinx back from Northern Cyprus after her husband left her and her 3-year-old son with no money in the country.

Lee Ann and her son have flights back to the UK later this month but Jinx cannot return to Scotland until December and her estranged husband has refused to support the pet dog.

The funds needed will help keep Jinx safe in the Mediterranean island and will go towards the cost of securing a foster home and vaccinations and then flights back to the UK once the dog is able.

Lee Ann, who will return to Ellon to stay at her mother's, said: "I contacted a pet charity here in North Cyprus and they have helped set us up a gofundme account and have donated towards the fund also in order to take her back home.

"I'm also still trying to secure foster care for her until December when she will be ready to fly."

Lee Ann says Jinx, who she describes as her son AJ's best friend, will face a life of starvation and uncertainties if they cannot raise the money.

Writing on her gofundme page Lee Ann said: "This will be a gruelling four month process which requires a lot of money but will save her from abandonment and a life of starvation and uncertainties.

"Jinx is more than just a pet she is my best friend and baby, and my sons best friend who he plays with every minute of every day, she even sleeps on the floor by his bed."

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