Hometown display for Cairnbulg Beacon

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A Broch museum has loaned the lantern of the Cairnbulg Beacon so that it may go on display in the library of its home village.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses have given thelantern to Aberdeenshire Museums Service so they may display it at Cairnbulg Library.

A Spokesperson for the museum said: ““We are delighted to see the Cairnbulg beacon return to its home village where it can be enjoyed by all in the community, and serve as a reminder of their own NLB heritage”.

The museum decided to loan out the lantern after it was sought by the community council, with the campaign being led by David Buchan and George Ritchie.

It is hoped that the beacon’s new home will attract more visitors to Cairnbulg Library, which will also exhibit more historical items from the village’s past.

Since the beacon was installed in January a number of visitors have popped in to view the exhibit.

The beacon was first lit in 1914 after the Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioner’s petitioned the Northern Lighthouse Board to establish a light on the Briggs due to the number of wrecks hitting the reef.

When the beacon was updated in the 1980s the lantern was given to its last Attendant, the late Alexander Buchan, who loaned it to the museum in 1995.

His family later donated it to the Museum.