Message in a bottle found washed up at Rattray beach

The bottle was found on the sand dunes at Rattray beach.
The bottle was found on the sand dunes at Rattray beach.

An Australian couple discovered a message in a bottle while strolling down Rattray beach last week.

Shelley and Sean Thomas discovered the old bottle while walking along the popular tourist spot.

Mrs Thomas said her husband, who collects old bottles, had noticed the green-coloured glass bottle at the bottom of one of the sand dunes.

“It was hidden under another couple of bottles and we noticed that it had something inside.

“When we opened it we found a note inside written by 14 year-old Raymond Davidson, with the later dated January 15, 1971.”

Shelley put the find on Facebook and was inundated with comments, and now believes they may have found the author, who would now be aged around 58.

She said: “It was a crazy day after we put it on Facebook and thanks so much to everyone who has shared, liked, commented and general helped us track down our message owner.

“We have a phone number and an address for a possible owner in Carlisle and we will give him a call. Fingers crossed we have found the right guy,” she added.