New Aberdour youngster receives national Boys' Brigade award for helping badly injured dad

A New Aberdour youngster has been give a national award for courage by the Boys’ Brigade after coming to the aid of his dad following a horror accident.

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 9:06 am
Jack Irvine with his President’s Commendation and his proud parents, Natalie and Callum. (Photo: Billy Watson)

Jack Irvine (9), of 1st Rosehearty, was presented with his Boys’ Brigade President’s Commendation at a ceremony hosted at Pitsligo Castle.

Jack was awarded the national BB accolade for his quick-thinking in a difficult and challenging situation when he helped his dad Callum who sustained serious injuries at an accident at the family home.

Callum fell from a ladder while fitting metal sheeting to a roof. He tried to grab it as he fell, resulting in the ‘degloving’ of his hand from which he lost a lot of blood.

He managed to get to the family kitchen where Jack found his father semi-conscious in a pool of blood. Jack sprung into action and put a towel round his father’s wound to help stop the bleeding.

He then got the family’s Alexa device to call his grandfather for help before running to the village for further help.

Callum was taken to Fraserburgh hospital before being rushed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for surgery. It was at the hospital that the family learned that Jack’s quick action potentially saved the loss of some function of the hand.

Callum, a joiner to trade, is now back to work following an operation to his hand and a period of intense physiotherapy.

Officers at 1st Rosehearty had no hestitation in nominating Jack for the award after they heard about how he dealt with his dad’s accident.

The President’s Commendation is a BB award that is rarely bestowed, so much so that the Brigade Vice-President Alison Chambers travelled north to Rosehearty to make the presentation herself. It is the first time the village of Rosehearty has hosted such a senior BB official in their 98 year history with the organisation.

The 1st Rosehearty Company invited senior boys from across the Buchan Battalion to attend the special ceremony so their own hard earned achievements could be presented. Eight further presentations were made including seven President’s Badges (second highest award in the BB) and one Queen’s Badge (highest Award in the BB).

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