NGO to host information event for EU Nationals in Fraserburgh

Fraserburgh town centre
Fraserburgh town centre

EU citizens in Fraserburgh and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to seek specialist advice on Brexit, settled status applications and more, at information events in Fraserburgh's JIC building hosted by EU Citizens Advice Project Scotland.

The project is teaming up with community organisation Fraserburgh In Touch to provide clear information and support to European nationals living in rural areas of Aberdeenshire.

Chair of the EU Citizens Rights project and a qualified immigration lawyer, Mark Lazarowicz will attend the event with his organisation to speak to attendees about EU citizens rights and Brexit and explain what the EU settlement status scheme is and when and how to register.

Mark Lazarowicz said: “With the continued uncertainty about Brexit, many citizens of other EU countries who live in the UK are understandably concerned about their future rights in the country. This event will aim to provide information about the way in which many EU citizens are able to secure their rights to live and work in the UK, whatever happens with Brexit.”

Noelia Martinez, outreach and communications officer of the project, who will also attend the events said: "Getting help and specialist information in places removed from urban centres, especially with language support, can be extremely tricky. In the past year, our Project has worked with a number of local partners to ensure we can reach those who need us most."

Margaret Gault, spokesperson for Fraserburgh In Touch added: "We are pleased to welcome the EU Citizens Rights Project to Fraserburgh. Locally, lots of EU Citizens who had thought they had made their homes in Scotland, have told us that they feel very confused and nervous about what might happen to them after Brexit. It has caused much unhappiness and uncertainty. We are hoping that Saturdays event will give lots of clear information about what they need to do to stay in Scotland "

Residents in Fraserburgh and surroundings are invited to attend the events at the JIC Building on Albert Street on Saturday, June 29 from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.