Owner takes dog to snow for the final time

Ashley Mackie with her beloved Alaskan Malamute Maggie May
Ashley Mackie with her beloved Alaskan Malamute Maggie May

A Fraserburgh woman took her beloved dog on a trip to the Cairngorms recently so she could play in the snow one last time.

Ashley Mackie decided to take her Alaskan Malamute Maggie May to the snow after receiving the news that the dog would be put to sleep.

Maggie May, who was nine-years-old, was suffering from severe arthritis and vets had told Ashley that nothing more could be done to ease the pain.

Speaking to the Herald Ashley said: “I always had milestones with her - first it was our birthdays then it was Halloween and next was Christmas.

“I had always promised her that the snow was coming and she would get to play in it but after looking at the forecast I decided to take her to the snow as it didn’t look like it was coming here.

“When we got there my breath was taken away by the snow and the mountains. It didn’t feel real, it felt magical.

“Unfortunately Maggie May couldn’t walk very far due to the pain but luckily there was some snow by the car park.”

Ashley and Maggie May spent two hours in the snow at the Cairngorms.

Ashley added: “I didn’t even check the weather before we left so I didn’t know if there would be snow there.

“It feels like the trip was meant to be and hopefully the cold of the snow helped to ease her pain.

“She always loved snow and would always sit outside in it at home watching the birds in the garden and children playing in the streets.”

“It was a long car journey to get there and back but she didn’t seem to mind it”

Maggie May was put to sleep at Buchan Vets in Fraserburgh on Monday, November 25.

Ashley shared her story on the ‘Scotland from the Roadside’ Facebook page and said the comments from people there have helped her get through her loss.

She explained: “The story either makes people cry or smile - Maggie May always made people smile so I’m glad she is able to do that even though she isn’t here.

“I used to walk with her on Fraserburgh beach and people always looked out for her as did my neighbours.

“She had a good community around her.”