Pothole drama for mum-to-be on the way to Peterhead hospital

A mum-to-be had to walk the last few hundred yards to the hospital to give birth after the car she was travelling in hit a pothole.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 3:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th March 2021, 4:02 pm
Happy parents Haydn Mcleod and Lori Eddie, back home with baby Haydn Alexander Mcleod.

Haydn Mcleod was driving his partner Lori Eddie to Peterhead Community Hospital at around 2am last Sunday (February 28) when the car suffered a burst tyre after hitting a large pothole at the junction of Meethill Road and Meethill Place.

He managed to carefully drive the car a bit further until the burst tyre was worn away, before they walked the final part of the journey to the hospital.

Happily, later that morning, baby Haydn Alexander Mcleod was born, weighing just under 8lbs, and both mum and baby are doing well.

The junction of Meethill Road and Meethill Place where the couple's car was damaged.

While their story has a happy ending, Haydn insisted something needed to be done about the state of the roads, and the pothole needed repaired before there was a more serious incident.

Haydn said: “What if a motorbike went in that hole, or someone was going to A&E?

“I went to Peterhead Motors and they told me the pothole had been there for about three months and I was the fifth person to have hit it and burst a tyre. It’s just massive.”

Aberdeenshire Council said its roads team was aware of a lot of current and emerging issues with the road network condition and would be working through these over the coming weeks.

The pothole that caused the burst tyre, resulting in Lori walking to hospital to give birth.

Haydn described what happened on their journey to hospital.

"It was dark, and we were at the junction, so we weren’t going very fast. Then one side of the car just sunk right down and the tyre burst instantly.

"I pulled up at the side of the road and parked the car, but then decided to try to see how far I could get the car down the road.

"I managed to get as far as Clerkhill Road – by that time there was just a grinding noise so I had to pull over and park the car.

"Lori asked what we were going to do, and I said we’d have to walk the last bit. It was probably about 200 metres or so, but for Lori it felt much longer.”

Baby Haydn made an appearance later that morning at 11.15am, and the happy parents are now back home in St Fergus enjoying life with their new arrival.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “The most recent spell of wintry weather has brought a range of challenges across Aberdeenshire. Our roads team is aware of a lot of current and emerging issues with the road network condition and will be working through these over the coming weeks.

“Specifically, the work planned is to address the most safety-critical road surface defects across our 3500 miles of road. Defects are categorised depending on the severity of the defect. Those posing an immediate danger to the public are inspected and actioned within 24 hours.

“All other defects are inspected and repaired under a risk-based approach as per the Well Managed Highways Code of Practice. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, response times will be slightly longer than normal.

“Permanent repairs will be carried out where possible, but with restrictions on supplies from quarries, and in an attempt to keep personnel on site to a minimum, temporary repairs will be more common than normal.”