Renowned Broch guitarist to play hometown

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An internationally acclaimed classical guitarist is to play his hometown of Fraserburgh later this month in what should be a sellout performance.

Ian Watt, who has played shows throughout the world, will play in front of familiar faces at The Museum Of Scottish Lighthouses on February 27.

Ian says that it is a different experience playing in front of people that he knows.

He said: “It can make it a more nervous experience.”

The guitarist, who has played with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the City of London Sinfonia and the Scottish Philharmonic Orchestra, said that audiences play a large part in his shows.

Ian, who prefers a quiet audience said: “In some countries and cultures they are very quiet and in others they’re maybe not so quiet.

“Cultures are different.”

Different cultures are something that the Fraserburgh man has learned to adapt to while playing , saying that on a recent trip to Brazil there were mixtures of all different cultures in the crowd reflecting the country.

Speaking about what he expects from the Broch audience from past experiences he said: “I think they will be very quiet. I’ve had lots of fun playing in Fraserburgh and the audiences have been excellent.”

He added: “I’ve had some magical moments in live music and the audience plays a big part in that.

Ian explained how the quiet and attentive the audience are feeds back to him on stage.

He did joke however that, “They could just be quiet and bored.”

Ian, who now lives in Glasgow, is playing the February date after being asked by a local charity.

He said: “A member of the Rotary asked if I could do something and I of course said yes.”