Sixty years of celebration for diamond Broch couple

Eric and Ray Simpson. (DUNCAN BROWN)
Eric and Ray Simpson. (DUNCAN BROWN)

A Fraserburgh couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary last month after sixty happy years of “give and take”.

Eric and Ray Simpson celebrated 60 years of marriage on April 7, the week after Ray’s 80th birthday.

Asked about the secret to a happy and long lasting marriage Ray said “I suppose I would have to say give and take.”

The couple celebrated their big occasion with their family - their two daughters and their son.

Ray said: “We had a lovely 60th wedding anniversary, it was just lovely.

“It was my 80th birthday on March 29 so we just made it one big thing and it was lovely.”

Ray says family organised a coffee morning to celebrate the event with all of her friends and family.

Eric and Ray were married in Fraserburgh aged 22 and 20 respectively and they have lived in the Broch all their lives.

When asked if she had any advice for young couples starting out Ray had some words of wisdom.

She said: “If you’re starting out prepare to have some bad times and good times but be there for each other.”

The Simpsons were presented with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of 12 Year Old Malt Whiskey by Fraserburgh Councillor Charles Buchan on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council on April 29 in recognition of their commitment to each other.