Statue presented at Broch school reunion

The class together in the school hall with The Readers sculpture
The class together in the school hall with The Readers sculpture

Inverallochy Primary School was home to some special guests last week, as a class from 65 years ago reunited to reminisce over their youths.

The reunion was the idea of class member Bruce Buchan, who still lives in the town, who managed to get a former classmate from Kent and even one who had moved to the USA to make the journey to the Broch.

Of a class of 30, 20 turned up.

Bruce was overwhelmed with how well the day had gone: “You can’t stop them talking to each other, the last time they were all here was in 1957.”

He also arranged to have a sculpture made thanking the school. Called The Readers, it depicts two children reading, and was made by American sculptor Alexander Buchan - whose father attended the school before emigrating.

The day was the culmination of “a couple of years of work” by Bruce, who started by making a list of his former classmates by memory, then turning to the Internet for research.

Also present was their Primary 6 teacher, Jean Duthie, who admitted to struggling to place the faces: “It was difficult to recognise them, but by talking I could put it together,” she said.

It was a day of looking back and forward at the school, as it was Eunice Stephen’s last day as head teacher after 20 years.