The Good, the Bard and the Ugly

The fireworks display at Aden-een
The fireworks display at Aden-een

The biggest Hallowe’en festival in Aberdeenshire went off with a bang on Friday night as Aden-een celebrated 400 years since The Bard’s death.

Shakespeare was this year’s theme at Aden-een as scenes from Macbeth and Hamlet, to name but a few, were played out in the dark woods of Aden Country Park.

Fire dancers from Theatre Modo perform at Aden-een

Fire dancers from Theatre Modo perform at Aden-een

Theatre Modo and Shell teamed up for the eighth year in a row to put on a dazzling display of theatrics and fireworks that wowed the huge crowds in attendance.

Martin Danziger, Creative Director of Theatre Modo, said: “I thought it went down spectacularly well.

“It’s not an obvious choice but to have a theme that people can identify with and connect with the plays really worked well.”

This year’s display was the fourth year the Hallowe’en festival has been held in Aden Country Park and Mr Danziger said the crowds were as big as any they have had before.

A performer at Aden-een

A performer at Aden-een

He said: “ [Figures for]the fireworks viewing area was as big as we’ve ever had before which is fantastic.

“To be able to create an event in this park is just a great opportunity - it’s really wonderful to bring a park like this to life.”

Mr Danziger also thanked Shell for their continued work in supporting Aden-een every year.

He said: “Shell have to be applauded for continuing to support it.

“It’s above and beyond expectations and they continue to find other ways to support us.

Steve Morris, Plant manager for Shell at St Fergus, said: “I’m proud to say that we have been supporting the Shell Fireworks Parade for eight years now.

“Each year it gets bigger and better.”

Mr Morris also praised the work Martin does who in turn praised the efforts of his volunteers and performers at Theatre Modo.

Mr Danziger said: “The young people did an amazing job.

“It’s not easy for them to be in a loop for an hour and to then have a short break and then do it again for another two hours.

“All in all we’re shattered but very, very happy.