TV Supervet to ease Big Bill’s pain

Big Bill the Newfoundland dog
Big Bill the Newfoundland dog

A Newfoundland dog from Lonmay will appear on Channel 4 programme The Supervet on Tuesday night.

Six-year-old Big Bill has already had one operation and needs two more to relieve him from hip and knee ligament damage that has plagued him since he was three-months-old.

Noel Fitzpatrick, known as the ‘Bionic Vet’, is the only vet able to perform the operation in the whole of the UK and Big Bill’s owners Vicky and Stevie Delgatty were more than willing to travel up and down to Noel’s clinic in the south of England totalling around 10,000 miles.

To see how Big Bill gets on with his treatment watch The Supervet at 9pm on Channel 4 this Tuesday (February 16).