Photographic society taken back in time

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Members of Fraserburgh Photographic Society were transoprted back in time by Bill Noble’s ‘Magic Lantern Show’ at the meeting on October 11.

Using a projector from the 1950s, Bill showed a selection of the glass slides he had collected over the years. Many were more than 100 years old some showing the conditions during the Boer War, the troops, civilians and the concentration camps.

Others showed the splendour at the height of the British Raj in India and Hong Kong. Bill went on to show images from Ireland showing land and seascapes.

Bill pointed out that the quality of the picture taken decades ago was high.

Today we think of very slow shutter speeds and the subjects of portraits having to keep still while the plate was exposed.

However these glass slides showed that the cameras had fast speeds as they were able to capture moving objects such as soldiers marching and the drama of a polo match without the picture being blurred. They were able to capture detail that only the best of today’s modern cameras can obtain.

Members were surprised that modern fashions in some aspects of photography are not new. There were images of waterfalls in Bill’s selection that deliberately blurred the motion of the water something that modern photographers strive to achieve.