Pigrimage following in the footsteps of St Drostan

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Details are now to hand of the Pilgrimage this Saturday, following the footsteps of the Pictish Saint Drostan, in and around New Aberdour.

The morning coastal Pilgrim’s Walk will be from East Mains Farm to New Aberdour. Walkers should meet at New Aberdour car park, opposite the church hall. There will be shuttle cars to East Mains.

At 11.30am and 1.15pm there will be narrated walks from the Parish hall, visiting Old St Drostan’s Kirk and Graveyard, where there will be a pause for reflection, prayer and song, and then St Drostan’s Holy Well at Old Aberdour Beach.

At 2.30pm there’s a service of dedication and blessing at St Drostan’s Holy Well.

There will be contributions from children from Rosehearty Primary School.

A DVD of Aberdour in the 20th century will be shown, and a powerpoint presentation on St Drostan.

The Parish Hall, New Aberdour, will be open from 10am until 3.30pm with light refreshments available. A soup and pudding lunch costs £4.

The children are making boats, decorating shells, drawing and writing stories about St Drostan. Some will sing a special song.

The event pertains to the Banffshire Pilgrimage Group and Aberdour St Drostan’s Parish, who are collaborating to offer a pilgrimage recalling the life of the ‘Christian Pictish proto-Missionary’ Saint Drostan.

The Banffshire Pilgrimage Group web address: http://celticpilgrimage.weebly.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BanffshirePilgrimage. Phone 07777 668600.