Pledge money issue set to be raised at community council


Fraserburgh and district councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping last week urged residents to voice their opinions to the Aberdeenshire Alliance about how the council’s underspend should be spent in the area.

The Aberdeenshire Alliance, made up on Independent, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors within Aberdeenshire, had given themselves just 100 days to set target areas in which the money should be spent - the ‘100 Days Pledge’.

Now past the deadline for proposals for areas to spend the money on, the Scottish National Party councillors had told locals, who they suggest have been hit by the cuts contributing to the underspend, to make their voices heard about how tax payers’ money was being handled.

Asking how the public would like the money to be spent in Fraseburgh and district, the Fraserburgh Herald welcomed opinions via

Community councillor John Lovegrove, meanwhile, spoke to the Fraserburgh Herald about areas in the town that he would like to see improved.

He said that he was not happy, commenting: “A lot of shops are being shut down,” adding that there was no recognisable hotel in the town for visitors.

“It’s high time the rates were taken down,” said Mr Lovegrove.

The community councillor also said that he would be bringing the issue to the attention of the Fraserburgh Community Council at their next meeting, on August 21.

It is believed that members of the public will attend the meeting, taking place at the Council Chambers at 7pm, to observe and look into the possibility of joining the community council.