Pokemon Go helps put Broch attraction on gamers radar

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The manager of a Fraserburgh tourist attraction has said how the new Pokemon Go game has helped put their site on the “radar” of young people.

Lynda McGuigan, Manager of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouse, says the game has brought a different generation to the attraction at Kinnaird Head - which is a “gym” in augmented reality game.

Ms McGuigan said: “For the first time we’re engaging with a lot of people who have never been to this site.

“The lighthouse wasn’t on their radar. Pokemon Go has put us on their radar.”

Ms McGuigan, who is also chairperson of the Fraserburgh Area Tourism Group, believes that the game could help young people learn more about the town in which they live.

She said: “I’m a great believer that even if you don’t think you’re engaging wit something you actually are.

“Just being around the lighthouse and Wine Tower and museum is engaging in history.”

The museum manager also said that all the young gamers have been polite, friendly and respectful of the museum and other walkers on the coastal path.