Police deliver report to Broch Community Council

Picture: Police Scotland
Picture: Police Scotland

Police Scotland delivered their monthly report to members of Fraserburgh Community Council.

Police officer Mike Taylor delivered the report, which focussed on police activities over the past two months, which covered the Christmas and New Year period.

Mr Taylor told community councillors that the Police received 1059 reports from Fraserburgh and the surrounding area over the period. Of these, 337 were crimes.

Of the 337 crimes, 41 were cases of vandalism and 60 were assaults, 27 of which were in domestic premises.

Of the break-ins which occurred, five were break-ins to houses, three were break-ins to businesses and four were attempted unsuccessfully. No rural thefts were reported.

There were two racially-motivated crimes reported over the period.

The police also reported that there was a spike in incidences of shop-lifting. There were 40 cases of shop-lifting, mainly at Asda, but police added that the problem is now diminishing.

Police also gave an update on the drug offences which took place in the town and surrounding area. In total, there were seven Class A drug offences, 14 Class B drug offences and 5 Class C offences.

Community councillors also heard that the police are still investigating wilful fire-raising on Fraserburgh’s Denmark Street.