Police hold mobile surgery

On Sunday, January 20, officers from the Buchan Local Policing Team, were holding Community Surgeries in the Mobile Police Office at both New Pitsligo and New Deer.

Sergeant Sean Reynolds, from the Local Policing Team said ahea of the surgeries: “I am delighted to again be able to deploy the Mobile Police Office to our smaller communities in response to requests made by the public who live in the area.

“The mobile office was deployed at a number of villages in 2012 and the feedback received from residents was very positive.

“Deploying the office in the smaller villages gives members of those communities the opportunity to come and discuss any issues they may have with a local officer”

Last September, officers from the Buchan Local Policing Team held community surgeries at New Deer, New Pitsligo, Strichen, St Combs, St Fergus, Maud and Stuartfield.