Police in update to Community Council

Grampian Police were in attendance at the Fraserburgh Community Council meeting last week, updating the community on issues arising since last month.

Community councillors were told that it had been a fairly quiet month for the police and, although directed patrols were being utilised on Albert Street and the Four Corners, there was not the same number of people out.

The police spokesperson said that this was, perhaps, due to the adverse weather that the town had recently suffered.

Attentions soon turned to the issue of CCTV cameras when it was pointed out that windows on Broad Street were being smashed despite there being a visible camera system in place.

The spokesperson said: “The problem with cameras is, if they’ve got their faces covered, we can’t identify them.

“It helps to a point, but unless we’re catching faces, it’s a struggle to identify.”

Community council members then informed the police of dangerous driving in the town, urging the officer present to raise the issue of Pass Plus with their inspector, an imitative where newly passed drivers go on a practical driving course to improve further.

Also, the Hexagon at the library was again flagged to Grampian Police, members suggesting that the road was dangerous due to reckless drivers.