Police present report at local council meeting

An officer from Police Scotland delivered the Police Report at a recent meeting of Fraserburgh Community Council.

Police Officer Steven Young spoke to community councillors about a range of issues and highlighted the work which is being done to tackle drinking in public places.

Community councillors heard that 50 hours have been spent on an operation to tackle public drinking in Fraserburgh and Peterhead. Mr Young reminded community councillors that the Police can now warn and charge people who are engaged in public drinking.

Mr Young also commented that the number of calls regarding drinking in each town over the period of the last year was in single figures.

Community Councillor Mary Melville questioned Mr Young on a number of issues, including whether the police could work with council waste disposal operatives to ascertain the places where large numbers of alcohol bottles were being collected and find out where the anti-social drinking was taking place.

Mary Melville also asked Mr Young about whether a law existed requiring dogs to be on a lead and also about counter service provision at Fraserburgh Police Station.

Mr Young reiterated that dog owners are required to keep their dogs under control, but not necessarily on a lead.

Mr Young also commented that changes to counter service provision at Police Stations were ongoing.

Concerns about Traffic Warden provision in the town were raised at the meeting as well as the issue of speeding which, some community councillors said, was causing them difficulty to hear their televisions due to the noise.

The final issue to be raised by community councillors during the Police Report was that of special constables joining the force as a route to becoming fully-fledged police officers.

Mr Young told those present that there are a number of special constables in Fraserburgh and that if anyone is interested in becoming a special constable, they can approach the police station to talk to officers and find out more.