Police Report at Council

Police Officer Michael Taylor updated Fraserburgh community councillors at a meeting recently.

Mr Taylor told the Community Council that it had been “a reasonable month” for the Broch, and that the police would soon be starting an anti-violence campaign.

The committee heard that the campaign police officers will be carrying out street patrols once a month in addition to existing provision.

Community Council treasurer John Lovegrove commented on the state of the High Street in Fraserburgh, saying he had never seen it in such bad condition. Mr Taylor said: “We need to ask people why they do this to their town.”

Mr Taylor was also questioned on a number of break-ins which have taken place since the last Community Council meeting and suggested that members approach the Police Pro-active Unit for figures.

Mr Taylor added that figures were still unavailable for road traffic collisions in the area.

Vice-chair of the Community Council Mary Melville asked if the community council could be updated on the position of community wardens.

Issues including car and motorbike racing, drug misuse, anti-social drinking and litter at the beach were also raised.

Cllr Brian Topping said that a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour was required.