Police reports to council

Police Scotland officer.
Police Scotland officer.

An officer from Police Scotland has deliver delivered a report to Fraserburgh Community Council.

Sergeant Sam Buchan told the meeting that Police Scotland had a busy month in the Broch with 134 report crimes, 58 of which were detected.

The reported crimes included 25 assaults, 18 vandalisms, four house break-ins and 20 thefts by shop-lifting. The police officer said two shops had been particularly affected.

Sergeant Buchan also said a great deal of work was being done to tackle legal highs, adding that people from a number of agencies were working together on the issue.

The work, he said, is being focussed on secondary pupils and that funding was being sought to continue this work.

Cllr Brian Topping said the issue had been raised at the Banff and Buchan Community Action Group and that a talk had been delivered to S3-6 pupils at Fraserburgh Academy on the dangers of legal highs.

One of the community councillors asked whether the dangers of such substances should be taught to primary school pupils as well.

Meanwhile, Cllr Charles Buchan urged the teaching on legal highs not to be an inducement for young people to experiment with the substances given the serious dangers associated with their use.