Police use YouTube to recruit special constables

Grampian Police have added two new promotional adverts to YouTube as part of their campaign to attract volunteers to become Special Constables.

The films, which have been made by students at Aberdeen College, feature two existing Special Constables and show different scenarios which highlight the variety of the role.

The first advert focuses on a Special Constable at work in a garage speaking about the weekend’s football action and how he was at the game.

The film then cuts to him in his Special Constable uniform on duty at Pittodrie, speaking with supporters and dealing with an arrest.

The second film features Aga Hac who has been a Special for 9 months and shows her getting ready to go on shift. During the film she explains why she wanted to become a Special Constable and what she enjoys about it.

PC David McLean explains: “We’ve worked with Aberdeen College in the past and approached their Media Centre earlier in the year about producing material for our campaign.

“They were keen to assist and quickly started work on producing films and radio adverts.

“The film students who worked on the Youtube adverts came up with the ideas and scripts and those selected have been made entirely by the students themselves.

“The results are fantastic, with both parties benefiting from the partnership.

“We have received a professional product whilst the students have had the opportunity to work with a large professional organisation to enhance their portfolios.”

Special Constables Co-ordinator Sergeant Ian Chalmers adds “The radio adverts were aired from April to June and they made a good start to our campaign. Since airing those we have seen the number of enquiries and applications to join the Specials increase.

“Our recruitment campaign is a long term project and so we hope to maintain the momentum and continue to attract more volunteers with the production of these online films.

“Additional online adverts are in the pipeline and will be added to our online sites once they’re completed.”

Paul Adderton, Head of Aberdeen College’s Multimedia Centre added “This project has been a wonderful stepping stone into the workplace for both TV and Radio students who have been given the opportunity to use their imagination, ingenuity and creativity to produce both radio commercials and video presentations to an exact industry brief.”

PC David Mclean adds “We have been so pleased with the results of working with the College and impressed with their enthusiasm and professionalism we have submitted an entry to the Force’s internal

“Excellence Awards scheme. Winners are announced later in the year and we are hopeful of being shortlisted.”

Both radio and online adverts will be available on the Grampian Police website as well as the Force’s Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/grampianpoliceforce) .

Anyone interested in becoming a Special Constable can contact Sergeant Ian Chalmers on 0845 600 5700 or visit www.grampian.police.uk.