Police warn of dangers following Broch rescue

Three teenagers were dragged out to sea at Fraserburgh Beach on Wednesday, July 9.
Three teenagers were dragged out to sea at Fraserburgh Beach on Wednesday, July 9.

Police have warned people of the dangers of swimming in the sea following an incident where three children were rescued after getting into difficulty in the water at Fraserburgh beach.

The incident occurred at around 4.30pm on Wednesday, July 9, when a 13-year-old boy and two 12-year-old girls were dragged out to sea by the current off the Broch beach, opposite Tiger Hill.

Officers have also commended the quick actions of Fraserburgh RNLI who were called to the scene by Aberdeen Coastguard to launch a rescue operation.

Commenting on the rescue, crew member John Chalmers said: “It happened so fast, I got a shout from Victor so I jumped in to save the boy.

“I got hold of him and then John May, one of the crew, threw the heaving line to me. I just got pulled in towards the boat and we made our way back to Fraserburgh Harbour.”

Sergeant Sam Buchan, of Fraserburgh Community Policing Team, commented: “We wish to thank the quick actions of the Fraserburgh RNLI, whose swift response saved the lives of two of the children in difficulty.

“If it was not for them getting to the scene so quickly then this incident would have most definitely resulted in tragic consequences, as the children were just dipping below the water and were extremely cold.

“Although in this case the outcome was positive, I cannot stress enough to local residents the importance of being extra cautious when it comes to paddling or swimming in the sea, especially if we are in a period of better weather.

“This is especially important during the school holidays when more children will be playing at the beach and it can be tempting for people to go in the water to cool down, but they have to be aware of the dangers and the risks in doing so.

“It is critical to always check the tidal conditions when swimming in the sea, as the weather on scene was fine, but the hidden danger of strong currents is something the local residents should be aware of.”