Aberdeenshire renews Fairtrade zone status

Aberdeenshire has successfully renewed its Fairtrade Zone status, first achieved in 2013.

Fairtrade Zone status is awarded to an area which makes a commitment to support and use products with the Fairtrade mark.

The Zone is co-ordinated in Aberdeenshire by a steering group made up of Fairtrade activists from across the area.

The group supports local groups, schools and retailers to tackle common issues on Fairtrade and to lobby Aberdeenshire Council.

Chair of the Council’s Sustainability Sub-Committee, Councillor Isobel Davidson, said: “I’m delighted Aberdeenshire has successfully renewed its Fairtrade Zone status, recognising the commitment by local volunteers and sales outlets in having Fairtrade goods for sale throughout the Shire and the Council promoting the use of Fairtrade products in its premises.”

Adam Gardner, Communities and Campaigns Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, which approved Aberdeenshire’s renewal application, commented: “It’s brilliant Aberdeenshire has laid out clear and achievable goals to take Fairtrade further.”

Aberdeenshire’s next renewal is due in two years time, in April 2016.

Fairtrade is an easy way for us all to ensure that farmers and producers get better prices for their products and raw materials, benefit from the Fairtrade premium to invest in their communities as well as improved workers’ rights and better working conditions.

A list of retail and catering outlets in Aberdeenshire that sell Fairtrade products is available on the Aberdeenshire Council website which can be found at www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/green/fairtrade/index.asp