Allard criticises ‘mixed messages’ on Middle East

Christian Allard MSP at the CND rally.
Christian Allard MSP at the CND rally.

SNP MSP Christian Allard has criticised the mixed messages coming from Westminster over the situation in Iraq and Syria.

Mr Allard’s comments were made at a recent rally organised by the Aberdeen & District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, to raise concerns over the UK bombing campaign of Iraq.

People attending the rally and those across the political divide have been horrified by the rise of IS and do see the need for action however, they believe the bombing will, in the long-term, make the situation worse by causing more deaths and damaging vital infrastructure.

SNP MPs voted against the air strikes on IS and the Scottish Government supports international efforts to support the people of Iraq, Syria and the Middle East region.

Commenting Mr Allard said: “There are mixed messages coming from Westminster over the situation in Iraq and Syria.

“Last year, Westminster MPs were arguing that there should be British boots on the ground to fight the Syrian regime and now, a year later, these same politicians have voted to drop bombs on IS.

“The brutality of the IS group is beyond question but we need a strategic approach which includes tackling radicalism at home and abroad, and efforts to cut off IS’s sources of finance and weaponry.

“The Labour party has a lot to answer for another debacle in the Middle East and will pay the price at the 2015 election for supporting the Tories.

“Labour politicians who continually vote against their party leadership’s will to go to war, have done so for too long to be credible as Labour representatives.

“The choice is clear for anyone in the Labour Party opposing UK military interventions in the Middle East, it is time to cancel your membership,” he added.