Banff and Buchan MP - time to 'move on' from constitutional division

David Duguid MP says it's now time for us all to move on.
David Duguid MP says it's now time for us all to move on.

The MP for Banff and Buchan has called for the UK and Scottish governments to "move on" from constitutional division and focus on the benefits of Brexit.

As the UK ended its membership of the European Union, David Duguid said there were "clear benefits" from Brexit for Scottish business, farming and fishing,

A majority of voters in Banff and Buchan voted to Leave, with the opportunity to escape the Common Fisheries Policy a major factor.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove have both said in recent days that control over fishing will be a red line issue in upcoming negotiations.

Meanwhile, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that she will double spending on campaigning for a second independence referendum.

Mr Duguid said: "I very much welcome the resolute statements from the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster that we will be in control of our fishing waters after Brexit.

"While the SNP are only too happy to parrot the EU spin on fishing 'trade-offs', the reality is that we assume our status as an independent coastal state as we leave the EU.

"We will negotiate annually on reciprocal access and quotas - just like Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

"There are clear benefits from Brexit, not just for our fishermen, but for our farmers and businesses such as our whisky industry.

"It is time for both our governments to focus on securing the best possible deal and, for the Scottish Parliament, on utilising new powers in areas like fishing and agriculture.

"No more time should be wasted on arguing the case for separation from the UK.

"There is no appetite among majority of Scots for another referendum any time soon. It is time for us all to move on."