Buchan Bulldog publishes memoirs

Former Banff and Buchan MP Sir Albert McQuarrie.
Former Banff and Buchan MP Sir Albert McQuarrie.

Sir Albert McQuarrie - the Buchan Bulldog - has published his memoirs at the age of 95.

‘A Lifetime of Memories’ published by The Memoirs Club recalls his many achievements as an MP since first being elected to the Aberdeenshire East seat in 1979.

During a life dedicated to his passion for politics, Sir Albert reveals an intimate view of the Conservative leadership, with his enthusiasm for political life making this a fascinating and incisive insight into the inner workings of government.

As Sir Malcolm Rifkind recounts in his foreword Sir Albert was “a great champion of the fishing industry of the North-east of Scotland and this, rightly led to him being referred to as the Buchan Bulldog. It was a reference both to his physical appearance and to his tenacity. He was as happy with the title as Margaret Thatcher was with being known as the Iron Lady.”

Of course, as the reader will discover, Sir Albert’s energy and enthusiasm was not confined to his opwn constituency. He championed the people of Gibraltar and their entitlement to remain British for many years.

‘A Lifetime of Memories’ revolves around the twin themes of business and political life, and boasts a cast of fascinating and often high-profile figures such as Margaret Thatcher, Lord Boothby, Rt Hon George Thomas - Viscount Tonypandy - and Lord Forsyth.

Sir Albert pays particular attention to the likes of the The British Nationality Bill of 1981, the Common Fisheries Policy of 1983 and the Safety at Sea Bill of 1986.

And very much on a local front he also takes time to reflect on St Fergus Gas Terminal and the Peterhead Harbours South Bay Development Order Confirmation Bill of 1986

The Buchan Observer will publish a full and more indepth review of this book shortly, but meantime copies of the book signed by Sir Albert can be obtained direct from the author by writing to Sir Albert McQuarrie, Kintara House, Newton Road, Mintlaw, AB425EF.

Cheques for £15, plus package and post, should be made payable to Sir Albert McQuarrie.