Community Council discuss Broch car parks

At the meeting of the Community Council last week, the members raised concerns about the car parking situation in Fraserburgh, commenting that it was often impossible to get a parking space in the town centre.

One member of the Community Council, who attended an Aberdeenshire Council meeting concerning the plans to review the car parking structure in Aberdeenshire towns, said that it became “quite evident” that if free parking were to come to Fraserburgh, it would be used by shop keepers and workers. In turn, failing to solve the issue of parking in the Broch.

On a survey of Fraserburgh, looking at areas of the town that would be affected by plans to introduce a change to the parking regulations currently in place, the Community Council commented that certain areas of the town had fallen into disrepair.

Signage and poles around the town had become overly rusty and in desperate need of maintenance, as well as the town centre’s pavements.

The issue of repairing these was discussed at some length, with one member of the Community Council suggesting that the pavements, in particular, had become so poorly that a quick fix was beyond opportunity.

Rather, it would have to be part of a gradual process to bring the town’s streets up to a safe standard.

The aesthetics of the town’s streets was also discussed, with members of the Community Council suggesting that they had progressed past the point of simply being dirty to being overgrown with moss and weeds.

In particular, the state of some first floor properties above shops, that had weeds growing out of the gutters, were felt to reflect poorly on the town centre.

The Community Council conceded, however, that some of these buildings were privately owned, and was, therefore, not the responsibility of Aberdeenshire Council to fix.

The Community Council did, however, comment that Fraserburgh is supposed to be a regeneration spot, and raised questions if more could be done for the area.

The new road markings at the Hexagon was also discussed, with members commenting that the issues of speeding and simply crossing the road had become worse since their painting.