Community councillors assured street naming not part of agenda

Fraserburgh and district councillors Brian Topping and Charles Buchan were questioned this week by the local community council whether or not an agenda in the referendum year has seen the name ‘William Wallace Way’ become the favourite for a new street name.

Categorically denying the claim, the two SNP councillors explained to the community group that there was a process to be followed, Councillor Topping going a step further to suggest that it did not bother him what the street was called, as long as the proper process was taken.

“We can say, first of all, when a street is named the local councillors have got to make a decision. The community council have got to be approached, which it was,” Councillor Topping commented.

Councillor Topping had also appealed for names through The Fraserburgh Herald, suggestions continuing to come in past the deadline.

“There’s nothing political there, everyone put forward a name.”

The councillor, however, did suggest that people were not happy about the choices put forward at this month’s Banff and Buchan Area Committee, where, after it was voted that the name would become William Wallace Way, the decision was taken to full council after a suspension of standing orders.

“The fact is, names are put forward, there was a process. The names up for grabs were William Wallace Way or Wallace Way.

“At the end of the day, it’s not a political thing. It doesn’t really matter to me what it’s called.

“You’ll never please everyone, but you put forward names in good faith. It’s really sad and disappointing that, in referring it to full council, it’s taking it out of the hands of the public,” he added.

Other names suggested for the street name included famous Fraserburgh locals of the past, and local businesses.

Councillor Topping also suggested that council officials had warned against naming it after a business due to the confusion that it may cause.

The new street, which is to be built near Quarry Road, will now be named at the next opportunity by the full council.