Conservative hopeful drops by Fraserburgh

Dr Ian Duncan with Conservative councillors and campaigners.
Dr Ian Duncan with Conservative councillors and campaigners.

The Scottish Conservatives’ lead European Parliamentary candidate has launched the North-east leg of the party’s election campaign.

Dr Duncan has said that a Conservative vote on May 22 is the only way to guarantee the North-east region benefits directly from the party’s proposed European reforms.

“The North-east is a vital part of the Scottish economy and I’m delighted to be able to launch our manifesto in the North-east,” said Dr Duncan.

He has also affirmed his support for the party’s in-our referendum on Europe in 2017.

During the course of his campaign over the last year, Dr Duncan has already visited the North-east on a number of occasions, spending time speaking with local fishermen, farmers, and residents, discussing issues and challenges faced by the region.

Dr Duncan says: “Not only is Aberdeen rightly regarded as the energy capital of Europe, the fishing industry benefits from the Aberdeenshire ports and farmers from the rural landscape.

“This is a region brimming with innovation and enterprise, and the people of the North-east are rightly looking for an MEP who can stand up for the interests in Brussels.

“Thanks to my previous visits to the region, I am familiar with all the challenges faced by local North-east businesses.

“If elected in May, I want to secure more funding for Aberdeen’s infrastructure problems and empower the local economy by cutting unnecessary red tape.

“A Conservative vote is a vote for change, then choice in the North-east region.”

Dr Duncan was welcomed to Fraserburgh by a local group of Conservative campaigners, Central Buchan Councillor Edie Chapman, Banff and district councillor Michael Roy, and one time Westminster Parliamentary candidate Jimmy Buchan, of Trawlermen fame.