Council allays fears over West Shore erosion


Aberdeenshire Council plans to undertake a full assessment of the problem at Frasrburgh’s West Shore and the coastline in the immediate vicinity.

In a statement released last week, the council’s head of roads andlLandscape services, Philip McKay, said: “In light of the concerns identified, consideration will be given to including an allocation in the Coast Protection Revenue Budget programme of works for 2012/13 to undertake a fuller assessment of the problem.”

The Fraserburgh Herald reported last week that Councillor Michael Watt had growing concerns over the long-term future of the coastline at West Shore, with the councillor stating that, since Christmas, at least half a metre of land had been lost.

Councillor Watt had suggested to the Herald that one solution to safeguard against further erosion would be to use any waste material from the harbour deepening, such as large boulders, to create a barrier between land and sea.

Another suggestion by was to install concrete walls, much like at areas of Broadsea, to protect the existing land.

At the Fraserburgh Community Council meeting, held last Tuesday, the issue of walking paths along West Shore and Broadsea was raised, with one community councilor suggesting that the erosion had raised concerns over the safety of certain walkways.

The sea had created a hanging edge of land that could prove extremely dangerous at some parts of the coastline, it was claimed.

The community council suggested that signage warning people of the dangers of the area should be put in place until a permanent solution to the problem was found.