Council to monitor erosion site

BANFF and Buchan councillors are to continue to monitor the extent of erosion which has taken place on the coastal slopes at Fairney Park in Fraserburgh.

Members of the area committee met in Fraserburgh on Thursday where they noted the efforts of the council to-date regarding the coastal erosion at two sections of the slope to the north of Westshore Road.

Councillors were told that in both cases the erosion was primarily caused by storm events undercutting the unprotected coastline, resulting in collapse of the softer soil materials above the shoreline.

In a report to Tuesday’s meeting, Philip McKay, the council’s head of roads and lanscape services, said an informal footpath runs along the top of this slope close to its edge and is vulnerable to future collapse.

“The path does not form part of the coastal path network and no maintenance is undertaken by the council,” he said.

“A fence separates the path from the edge of the land mass, but part of the fence has already succumbed to the effects of erosion. Concerns about the risk to pedestrians using the path have resulted in renewed calls for action in the area.”

Mr McKay said the council had been monitoring the situation and while this had not indicated any significant change, as was often the case , little erosion may take place for some time but be followed by a major slippage after a storm event.

The committee was told that it was intended that the sum of £5,000 approved by the Banff and Buchan area committee last month be used to undertake a topographical survey, review recent movement of the coastal slope, erect temporary fencing and consider options for the future.

This work is expected to be completed by the end of September.

Should it ultimately be decided that further more substantial measures are required these will be subject to a bid for funding from the council’s Capital Plan.