Councillor calls for road safety measures

A Fraserburgh and District councillor is pushing for a patroller and Light Controlled crossing to be installed on a busy stretch of road.

Councillor Ian Tait is calling for the changes following concerns which have been raised by residents who live on the west side of Boothby Road.

Commenting, Cllr Tait said: “Residents were very concerned about their children having to cross Boothby Road to get to school. The road already carries a considerable volume of traffic and when the new Watermill Supermarket opens there will be a huge increase in traffic on Boothby Road. So I met with the families and we decided to ask the council for a Light Controlled pedestrian crossing and also for a School Patroller.

“A survey of the need for a patroller had been done before but I asked the council’s Education Department to commission another survey. This was put under way and about 200 letters were sent out to the pupils’ parents. They are being returned slowly but I stress that I would ask the parents to return the letters as soon as possible.

“The council Roads Department agreed to look at providing this crossing on this busy road which carries both cars and heavy vehicles driving to the industrial estates. However, a crossing cannot be installed without the permission of Transport Scotland and the Roads Officers have been in discussion with them. I am hopeful they will give permission for a puffin type Crossing soon. If all goes well, the department can make a bid for money to go ahead to be put into the council’s capital Plan for next year and we can get the puffin crossing installed then.

“My constituents have wanted this for several years now and I am pleased we are getting things moving.”