Councillor looks into improving Broch roads

Councillor Ian Tait.
Councillor Ian Tait.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has revealed this week that junctions at both High Street and College Bounds with a view to making improvements.

The High Street-Barrasgate Road junction and the College Bounds-Charlotte Street junctions are often congested with heavy traffic passing through them both.

Commenting, Councillor Tait said: “It is time now for these to be sorted out in the interests of health and safety.”

The local councillor has suggested that the High Street-Barrasgate Road junction, in particular, is one of the most dangerous junctions in the town, having himself witnessed ‘near misses’ at the road.

“Traffic lights are a possibility, but I think it is important in the first instance to have a report from council officers about the junction, and then we can move on from there,” he said.

Meanwhile, the College Bounds -Charlotte Street junction suffers from two other nearby junctions separated by traffic lights, which, the councillor suggests, sees drivers trying to ‘jump the gun’.

“The roads officials have told me that both of the junctions referred to are difficult to improve due to the building lines on the adjacent streets.

“They will, however, investigate what, if anything, can be done to improve the safety at these locations and will report any findings to me in due course.”

Have you had a near miss on these junctions, or have a thought on the improvements? Let us know by emailing with your views.