Councillors call for Broch beach tidy up

Beach tidy up story.
Beach tidy up story.

Two Fraserburgh councillors are calling for improvements to be made to the areas surrounding the Broch beach.

Councillors Brian Topping and Charles Buchan have raised a number of issues relating to the beach boardwalk with Council officials.

The councillors would like to see wooden slats on the boardwalk, many of which have become broken and dangerous, replaced. They have already raised this possibility with Council officers.

Cllrs Topping and Buchan have raised concerns about the area from Waters of Philorth along to Tiger Hill, where the water is becoming overwhelmed with debris and a large amount of seaweed which is causing a bad smell. In addition, they hope the dilapidated, broken fences at the Waters of Philorth will be removed, with a view to replacing them.

The councillors have also drawn attention to the train underpass which is to be monitored, and to a light at the beach play area which they have asked to be fixed.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Councillor Topping commented that the tidy up work at the area surrounding the beach could be undertaken by people who are doing community service.

Cllr Topping said: “After campaigning for many, many years, I hope the whole area will be tidied up.

“I’m pleased we have secured a meeting with the people from the Community Orders Service, which will also be attended by Councillor Charles Buchan and Ian Tillett.”